text adventure and interactive fantasy game.

For lovers of adventure, imagination and gorgeous art!

The Homecoming is a mixture between reading a great novel and playing a video game. You play the main character and interact with the world and the characters in the written story. We call this an interactive adventure!
It has been a long time passion of mine to develop a game with real atmosphere and in-depth story, beautiful art, atmospheric music and writing that transports you into the story.

Set in the 1500s the players objective is to discover what has happened to your Grandfather, of course there are a few twists and surprises along the way as the fantasy world comes to life.

Inspired by the legendary game creators of the 80s Level 9, Magnetic Scrolls and Infocom.

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Having managed to get some hands on time with The Homecoming at EB Expo 2015 (Sydney, Australia), I am excited at how the game is coming along. With very few details about the story known, the standout feature was the gorgeous art style reminiscent of a classic hand-painted waterbrush masterpiece. I also came away quite impressed by the modern and streamlined UI. As it stands, The Homecoming is shaping up to be one of those good news indie developer stories that we love to get behind. 

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Stephen Mitchell
Grabit Magazine

Let's set the scene

The ever-familiar sound of the horses’ hooves clanging against the cobblestones comes to an abrupt stop. The carriage door opens and a rather plump fellow bellows in your ear “Welcome home, we hope that you can help us discover what has happened to your grandfather. A representative from the King will be here later in the day to inform you about all we know."

You close the door and the carriage speeds away, as if it is startled by the sight of the ruined estate of your grandfathers. 

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